Why Fierce?

I’m fierce because I have to be.

I’m fierce because sometimes being fabulous isn’t enough.
I’m fierce because I get attacked by strangers for how I look.
I’m fierce because my parents kicked me out for being queer.
I’m fierce because they think I’m going to hell for the same reason.
I’m fierce because I got beaten up at school and a teacher said it was my own fault for painting my nails.
I’m fierce because if I wasn’t I’d be dead.

Being fierce is not giving a fuck what anyone thinks. It’s walking with your head held high and your fists clenched. It’s being proud of who you are and never changing that for anyone.

Being fierce means you don’t stop fighting until you win. It means fighting together,  not alone – an injury to one is an injury to all.

Be proud. Be fabulous. Be FIERCE.


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